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An Introduction to your Mental Health & Moving on with your Mental Health

First 6 weeks, introducing topics (chosen by attendees from a list of 11). Each session is divided into two parts. The first is general information and a discussion around the chosen topic. The second part involves the group sharing strategies, tips and tricks on how to deal with it.

Second 6-week programme of workshops providing further insight into additional complex issues such as building friendships and keeping safe, and the use of practical coping strategies helping you to move on.

Our Mind Talks workshops offer a nurturing space for open discussions, learning, and self-reflection, fostering a journey of insight and progress. 

Led by an experienced guide who has personal experience with mental health challenges, each workshop delves into different aspects of mental well-being. Our diverse range of subjects includes sessions on depression, food, motivation, and more. These workshops are designed to provide comprehensive insights and equip participants with practical coping mechanisms to facilitate their development. 

Our approach revolves around adaptability and person-centered learning. We acknowledge that everyone’s journey is unique, so our workshops are adapted to the needs of the attendees. As such, we carve out ample space for group discussions, personal reflections, and experiential learning, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for all participants. 


Anxiety Series 

The anxiety series consists of four workshops that will cater specifically to addressing anxiety and stress. These workshops can be attended individually or as a complete series so, whether you’re seeking a comprehensive understanding or focusing on a particular aspect you can tailor the experience based on their needs. 


By joining a Mind Talk workshop you’ll be entering a transformative journey toward mental well-being. Explore, engage, and grow in a supportive community where your voice matters, your experiences are valued, and your progress is nurtured. Start your journey with us today towards a healthier, more empowered self. 

A full list of upcoming workshops is detailed below. 

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