Transformation Music Therapy

Residents registered with a GP in Scarborough, Filey and Hummanby who struggle with an eating disorder or eating problems can now access Music Therapy thanks to funding from the Community Mental Health Transformation Programme, delivered in partnership between Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Mind and North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre.

An eating problem is any relationship with food that is difficult and impacting quality of life. An eating disorder is a medical diagnosis based on eating patterns and includes medical tests on weight, blood and body mass index. You can find out more about eating disorders and eating problems through the Mind Guide here. 

Most services in North Yorkshire are limited to people with an eating disorder diagnosis but the new service is there to support anyone who feels they have a difficult relationship with food that is impacting on their mental health and quality of life. Eating problems and disorders are not just about food. They can be about painful feelings that people may find hard to express, face or resolve. Research increasingly shows that Music Therapy is not only effective in tackling some of the immediate symptoms but supports people to explore the root causes and result in reduce anxiety, increased body acceptance and improved emotional resilience.

What happens at a music therapy session?

Music therapy sessions will involve a range of different approaches guided by a music therapist including listening to music, making music and playing instruments, talking through or composing song lyrics, moving to music as well as talking with the therapist. No prior music ability is needed. Sessions will move at your pace and focus on the issues that you feel are most affecting your relationship with food.

When and Where?

Sessions will be organised by your therapist but take place currently on Wednesday morning’s in central Scarborough.

How to I find out if it is for me?

You can complete an expression of interest here and we will get in touch to talk through the service and take a referral if it sounds like it will be the right service for you to try.

Other sources of support for eating problems